The following questions are a way of keeping track of your progress. When answering, just focus on the last seven days.
Numbness or tingling

Feeling hot

Wobbliness in legs

Unable to relax

Fear of worst happening

Dizzy or lightheaded

Heart pounding / racing


Terrified or afraid


Feeling of choking

Hands trembling

Shaky / unsteady

Fear of losing control

Difficulty in breathing

Fear of dying



Faint / lightheaded

Face flushed

Hot / cold sweats

What are your initials?

Your score on the Beck Anxiety Inventory is: {{var_score}}
The following criteria indicates the severity of anxiety based on the total score:
0-21: low anxiety
22-35: moderate anxiety
36-63: severe anxiety
Anxiety is the way your body responds to a perceived threat, and in itself it is a healthy emotion. Behavioral therapy is most beneficial for people who have scores in the moderate to severe range. Contact if you are not a current patient and would like to become one.